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Opinion – Easter, Jesus, Julian Assange and Truth

As thousands of people commute out of Sydney Australia on their epic annual migration north for the Easter weekend. Where there will be much rejoicing, much drinking of beer, barbecues and the rather gross ceremony of the exchanging of strange chocolate easter eggs that are absolutely terrible for your health. I thought it wise to reflect for a moment on what this weekend really  means.

Firstly, this is a weekend where we strangely celebrate, or more correctly remember, the public horrific execution of one of the greatest and most well known activists of the last 2100 years.

Yep, thats right, an activist, a speaker of truth, and with the coming of Anzac Day “lest we forget” or more aptly”I think we forgot” the person more correctly known as Yeshua Ben Yosef  (Jesus is a Greek title meaning Son of Zeus) stands as a powerful example to us all of what the Government really does to people that speak the Truth.

I wonder how much has really changed since those times when even today we have a person like Julian Assange a Journalist who has committed no crime, persecuted and ridiculed. We all sit at our computers and watch world governments, including our own pathetic Australian government, as they collude with other powers all over the world and condone and help orchestrate the public murder of a man who for all intensive purposes has done nothing other than simply speak the truth.

I think about all the  journalists, news reporters and humble podcasters like myself everywhere dedicated to exposing the truth about our draconian governments and what they really do in the name of God, Truth and Justice, the hypocrisy beggars belief.

My blood boils as our own Government spends the two days before Easter arguing on mainstream media about the immense cost of climate change policies from both major parties and how we cannot afford to change. And yet in their profound ignorance they overlook the blindingly obvious, there is no economy without an environment because even an economy requires an environment in which to exist.

Our own Government, responsible for the deaths of over a million Iraqis and numerous other disgraceful abominations as we play lap dog to multi national foreign governments and corporations, a government which in truth has no legitimacy. A Government that in essence behaves exactly as the romans did over 2000 years ago.

We see the yellow vests, the extinction rebellion and numerous other groups all around the world mobilising as we the people recognise that the fox is guarding the hen house. Governments are now so devoid of any true spiritual foundation that all they appear to think about is economics, money, money, money. Meanwhile the Garden of Eden is raped, abused and consumed at the behest of these so called leaders driven by greed and an insatiable desire for power. Further to this they are directly responsible for the senseless murder of millions of innocent people through their continued worship of war.

So Jesus died for us, he spoke the truth and so many were moved by his words that the powers at the time needed to make an example of him to continue their reign of tyranny and fear. The stories are always written by the victors.

So this is Easter, and what have we done? what has humanity actually achieved in over 2000 years? have we learnt anything?

Oh foolish mankind, you made a terrible mistake over 2000 years ago and those same mistakes continue today, so I guess you can eat the chocolate eggs and get drunk whilst those in power keep nailing good people to crosses everywhere, or you can just lay mute in fear and ignorance and turn your heads away, but then you too are complicit for there comes a time where even silence becomes betrayal.

Or ……………..

If you want a different outcome why not try doing something different, get active and become the change you wish to see in the world, be a spiritual warrior, walk the teachings, don’t get caught in all the division and  media fluff, and lets together create the word we want based on the highest moral and ethical principles as taught by true Christ Consciousness. At least when your breathing stops, and mark my words this will happen to everyone of you at some point, you will die knowing you tried, in my view it is far better to fight a righteous war than to do nothing.

All You Need is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

Paul Robert Burton is a Minister of Religion, Bard and Activist Protector, he is the President of Our Land Our Water Our Future and a member of the Holy Ramakrishna Order. He is currently fighting draconian suppression laws enforced upon him to suppress truth. If you wish to support Paul and his work you can do so here.

Supreme Court Judgement 8th March

To good people everywhere.

On Friday the matter concerning my Summons Judicial Review of the criminal charges for allegedly saying a child’s real name, using his image and releasing information suppressed in the children’s court proceedings in May 2017 for four posts in July 2017 that were published  on my personal Facebook timeline. The request for review of this matter was dismissed on Friday and each party awarded to pay its own costs. 

In Regards to Grounds 1 and 2

That the Office of The Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) withheld evidence essential to my defence,  I effectively won as they finally provided the information they withheld from me for over 10 months,  two weeks before the Supreme Court hearing, without giving a reason. 

In Regards to Grounds 3

Her Honour ruled against ground 3 abuse of process

In Regards to Ground 4 

Concerning three charges where I argue that I cannot ever possibly be convicted. Her Honour has ruled that, in agreeance with the Newcastle Local Court Magistrate, that it is an argument for my defence, so she has dismissed it from being decided in the Supreme Court.  

I can of course Appeal these decisions but as I now finally have the medical information I was charged with releasing,  I can after nearly 15 months of asking for the evidence, now determine if I have actually done what I have been charged with doing? That is, I am now able to see the evidence that I have allegedly released. Notwithstanding that the information that was, and still is suppressed,  was released and published by thousands of other people long before me being charged. Channel Seven even today are in breach of section 105 as are thousands of other people including Family and Community Services themselves so in my view the hypocrisy beggars belief. 

The Judgement is available here on Caselaw for those who wish to read it.

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

Court of Appeal Judgement 6th March 2019

To good people everywhere. My application seeking Leave to Appeal the Equity Matter involving me as first defendant and Dr Andrew Katelaris as second defendant was dismissed by the Court of Appeal yesterday and costs were ordered against me. 

The Judgement in my view raises some very interesting questions especially in regards to The Courts being secular and no longer recognising Christianity, God and Divine Law and also in respect to using Titles to take people to Court. The good news as part of our open justice system is you can now read for yourself that judgement and see those arguments as they were released to the public this morning.

I can of course Appeal this decision and if I were to do so I would have to seek Special Leave to the High Court within 28 days. 

My Judgement of the summons judicial review of the Criminal Matter for identical charges is tomorrow Courtroom 10E in the Supreme Court NSW at 10am and my two civil matters are also still in process.  I will share more details about all of this with some live casts soon as I believe I now can to some degree ascertain what I can and cannot say in public without being further charged and/or arrested or being held in Contempt of Court.

I cannot see how I could possibly be in breach of any orders for sharing something released to the public by the Courts themselves as they too would then be in breach by publishing the Judgement, so here it is and I hope I’m not mistaken?

Hold Steady Thy Mast xxx PRB