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Final Letter To The DPP concerning removal of “The Child”


Dear Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, (DPP)

I refer to your letter dated the 18th January 2018 where I had on the 5th January asked for identification of the Officers of the Dept of Family and Community Services (FACS) and the NSW Police Force who were in attendance at The Church Of Ubuntu on the 19th May 2017. I also refer to my request for you to provide information on what dutiful authority could help me find out the information that you and all the other Government departments have now refused to give.

I reference your following statement from that letter on the 18th January 2018.

“ It is not the role of my office to provide you with the advice you requested in your letter. No advice of that kind will be provided to you in relation to this matter.”

I find it absolutely astounding that employees of the State of NSW can act corruptly and illegally seize children for unlawful reasons, and rather than the DPP dealing with them in an appropriate manner, you prefer to circle the wagons and protect them.

A Former NSW Premier Mr Baird stated that the Dept of Family and Community Services (FACS) were beyond repair and needed to be dismantled. Former AMA president and Sydney deputy Lord Mayor Dr Phelps stated that the Dept should be dismantled and the Act of parliament shredded. This Dept is completely out of control and it appears to be run by people who continually hide in the shadows. So called not for profit organisations channel money in the millions through around forty companies to two individuals and not a word is said.

“Risk of Significant Harm” is inserted into the Act of Parliament thereby virtually allowing any child to be taken, even if that child is a part of a caring and nurturing home. Under Section 43 of The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 Family and Community Services (FACS) can, without a warrant, seize a child if they believe he or she is at an immediate risk of serious harm. The Supreme Court of New South Wales ruled that it must be an unacceptable risk, and yet FACS continues to fly in the face of this and take children on fabricated and or completely frivolous grounds. I would go even further to say that they lie outright and will on occasion even act on advice and information provided to them by mentally unstable vindictive people, or information just obtained from the internet, with absolutely no discretion, they simply just make things up and steal children.

Across this State and indeed this country, families are being decimated for profit. Once in the “care” of the State, children never recover, their bonds are broken and their outcomes are poor. In the USA it is estimated that 75% of all the homeless went through the foster care system, the same would apply here.

In effect this is an industry that thrives and grows on removing children who then become cradle to the grave fodder, for a privatised prison system a state run mental health system and all of this done behind the closed doors of the Australian Children’s Courts.

The Crown Solicitors office, the DPP as well as all the professionals and so called Politicians who remain completely silent are in my view complicit in the destruction of families for profit, for there is a time as we all know, when silence becomes betrayal.

What kind of society have we become when a child is taken without a warrant, with absolutely no judicial oversight, without the police identifying themselves, without the FACS caseworkers identifying themselves, a simple question is asked by an innocent victim as to who these people were, and every single Government department just arrogantly refuses to answer, shame on you all.

It is interesting that the Government fears terrorism, when in truth it appears they are the terrorists who think nothing of terrorising decent families.

When FACS takes a child that child never comes home. Why? Because the caseworkers lie and fabricate evidence and they are backed by State paid lawyers who defend them to the hilt. The child is a veritable nothing and the parents, family and community do not even get a look in.

Now that all pregnant women in the State must undergo a mental health assessment, we will most certainly see more children taken to fund the jobs of those that survive and prosper through this lucrative and completely demonic system.

Children die in care and FACS uses State funds to sue people to silence them, so the truth can be hidden. The fact that children face much greater risks of harm in their so called “care” than at home with loved ones, seems to be lost on all who are blinded by their financial rewards.

You say you do not condone violence. That may or may not be so. What is certain though, is that you most certainly seem to be happy to assist in the cover up of the crimes of the FACS workers and others that do.

You refuse to name them so action cannot be taken. When action is taken, you close that down using your legislative powers within a week or so of being requested, you do this by enlisting the services of your associates in the Crown Solicitors office.

You then glibly claim no doubt that this isn’t corrupt behaviour, In my view it is. FACS supported by Government lawyers seek to silence anyone who speaks out, and when that seems to be faltering, they get their colleagues in the Police Force to lay charges. All this is done to protect those who destroy families and the lives of the vulnerable, it is all done using Australian taxpayers money, and yes it is most certainly all about the money, money, money.

You say you do not condone violence, yet you seem happy to be a part of a corrupt system that makes it clear that you do condone violence. It is violent behaviour to use force and threats to coerce families, to seize their children and remove them from their lives, if this is not terrorism then what is?

Not being happy to simply seize the children, they now want to forcibly adopt them out as soon as they can. When one looks at the filth being taught in the “safe schools” program, this all-pervasive mass mental illness of supporting the ridiculous idea that gender is not biological, and all the perversions that go with this. Along with the synchronous Internet sale of some of these same children, stripped off their kind nurturing loving parents. It becomes apparent that this web of deceit, that you as the DPP and the Crown Solicitor support and protect, goes very deep indeed as we sink further and further down the “Rabbit Hole”.

 “At Common Law, a person is entitled to use all force that is reasonable in the circumstances, up to and including lethal force, if they or their family and community are threatened or attacked. They understand that when they believe any person or corporeal entity is acting unlawfully, they will, if necessary, use all reasonable force, up to and including lethal force, to defend themselves, their families, their community and all those that they Love.”

If civil unrest happens as a result of this unlawful and immoral destruction of families, and destroying of children by corrupt departments of the State, then it will be people like you who will be responsible not us. We are defending our young and I have made our position very clear to all of you, and for very good reasons.

Let us hope and pray before it gets to that stage, that at least one Judge will see this filthy industry for what it is, and that they will use their power for good and are able to correct a disgraceful, immoral and corrupt system.

We say nothing when the Government taxes us into oblivion, we say nothing when they spin yarns about Coal and Gas shortages, we say nothing when they restrict our God given rights. We say nothing when the hordes of politicians and govt employees thrust their snouts deeper and deeper into the trough of greed, while the ordinary person slips further into financial destruction and the homeless sleep in the gutters whilst this thing called a Government feasts on their sick ill gotten bounty. We say nothing when they afflict us with unjust laws which Sir Edward Coke, the very founder of Common Law states are no laws at all. Let us no forget these same sentiments echoed in the great words and footsteps of inspired souls like Martin Luther King Junior, Gandhi Ji, John F Kennedy and John Lennon.

We refuse to be silent when you assist those that steal our children to fund an industry and destroy our community in the process. You are the terrorists, you claim you do not condone violence and yet you are the absolute masters at it, this society worships violence and worships war, look around you and open your eyes.

No matter how much evidence can be shown of corrupt behaviour, you just shut the door on any action and protect the guilty. A former heroin trafficker runs a dept that steals children and yet they steal children off casual pot smokers or those that use medicinal cannabis. Known members of the DPP sources recreational cannabis off the black market and others in the DPP source medicinal cannabis for their families while at the same time you incarcerate and demonise a man for researching and making medicinal cannabis oils, the hypocrisy beggars belief.

There appears no need to discuss anything further with you, we will lock our gates and doors, batten down the hatches and we will be ready. We will pray for all evil wretched souls, for the greatest concern of all is not what happens in this life, but for what comes for evil wretched souls in the next.

There is a much greater judge than both you and I and I pity anyone that sells their soul to greed and pure evil, for that is all it is, greed and pure evil.

God is real, God is Love and God is Truth and every word I speak here is true. I do not expect a response, you are corrupt and we the people will respond accordingly. If a legal remedy based on the very foundation of our supposed democracy is not forthcoming over the next twelve months then expect back exactly what you have created for it is out of my hands and I did all I could to warn you and avoid this.

Respectfully Paul Robert Burton

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8

“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known”. – Luke 12:2

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Trespass Proclamation & Signs

Hello good people everywhere, For your information please find the following link to free downloadable common law trespass signs and a trespass proclamation to protect you from unlawful visits by FACS and other corporal entities. I will soon have these signs available as corflutes but for now feel free to share this link and download and print any version of the trespass signs and the trespass proclamation. I have come to the undeniable conclusion that our government now has no interest in respecting our common law rights and they now abduct children without warrant, right or justification, please place these signs at the front of your property to revoke the implied common law right of entry.  Once these signs are in place you can use any reasonable force up to and including lethal force to stop any intruder that tries to enter your premises without a warrant or any right or justification. These signs and proclamation are an extension of the lock the gate signage to stop the unlawful entry of mining companies and now includes all other corporal entities like FACS whom steal children for profit and other appalling disgraceful immoral reasons.

respectfully Paul Robert Burton

“At Common Law, a person is entitled to use all force that is reasonable in the circumstances, up to and including lethal force, if they or their family and community are threatened or attacked. They understand that when they believe any person or corporeal entity is acting unlawfully, they will, if necessary, use all reasonable force, up to and including lethal force, to defend themselves, their families, their community and all those that they Love.” – Pr Burton

“And, therefore, when it is said that a man has a thing of common right, it is always to be understood that he has it by the common law. And it is further held, that the common law is called common right, because it is the best and most common birth-right that the subject hath for the safeguard and defence not only of goods, lands, and revenues, but of his wife and children, his body, fame, and life also. An Act of Parliament made against common right, is void and impossible to be performed: for the law is reason and equity to do right to all, and to preserve men from wrong and mischief, and will never make construction against law, equity and right, the rule being legis constructio nunquam facit injuriam.”– Sir Edward Coke


Dr Andrew Katelaris and Aunty Mimmie

Elizabeth Humble (Aunty Mimmie) is a Gomeroi/Kamilaroi Elder from The Pilliga. We became friends whilst fighting to save their sacred lands from Whitehaven Coal in The Leard Forest.

When Aunty came to The Ubuntu Wellness Clinic she was on several medications, Lyrica for depression and Warfarin for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). I showed her medical records to Dr Andrew whom said, she doesn’t need Warfarin as she only has Shallow Vein Thrombosis (SVT) so there is no risk of blood clots. So Aunty stopped taking the Warfarin. Then after getting to know Aunty I concluded, the reason for her depression, was having her two grandchildren ripped from her and her son Sam, so Aunty stopped taking the Lyrica. We are still fighting to get access to the children but Aunty is rocking it !!! even threw away her walking stick last week, she’s a legend and we all love her spirit and determination. xxx PRB


Australian National Sorry Day

My sincerest apologies for such a late post at the passing of a day of such mourning. But rest assured every day is a day of mourning for us, we feel your pain as do no others.

Today in Australia May 26th 2017  is National Sorry Day. 

I must confess, as i have walked with our First Nation brothers and sisters in the flesh. I have stood with them and felt their pain as their sacred sites were decimated in The Leard Forest NSW Australia. I  have fought with all my heart and being to help get their children back, i fight today more than i ever have with my entire being.

So today to my First Nation Brothers and Sisters i hang my head in real shame, for what my white blood brothers have done.

I must also share that is painful as it is, there are two kinds of white people. There are the good white people and the termite people.

So it is very difficult for us good white people for you must use the dreaming to tell us apart. The good white people can use the dreaming but the termite people cannot, they are not allowed,

This was ordained by what you call Biami to some of your mob and the lord Christ, Krishna and many other names by our good people mobs. The Termite people do not have a God or Creator as it is said that “Biami is in everything but everything is not in Biama”

I am most thankful that we have stood together at The Bentley Blockade  and also in the Pilliga Forest, and lets not forget Breeza and oh so many other battles. Black and White and all the Colours of the Rainbow together fighting to protect our Beautiful Planet  and all we hold oh so so dear. We are all connected, we are all one mob, it was never about colour, it was never about race, it was never about religion, it was never about any kind of duality, it was about Truth and it was about LORE.

Duality is an illusion, there is not light and dark, day or night, there is only Light or the absence of light, day or the absence of day.

From duality comes conflict, the greatest mistake of the termite people was to name you Aboriginal. I am nothing , i know not your suffering in being in this body of flesh , but i walk with you, live with you all and love you as i do my own kin. I  see only beautiful people whom have been tortured and persecuted more than any other race i know on this amazing planet.

We Were And Are One and tonight and throughout this entire day I have prayed that today be Truth Day , when the entire world knows the suffering that you have all endured.

Those whom know me in my living being in the flesh will see my truth.

I share a picture from our beautiful Church community. We are The Church Of Ubuntu. This is me in flesh with two beautiful children.

Out of great respect to a very very dear friend and her family whom has lost her son to the State, and also because i now understand that i must be most respectful with what i post, i share this photo with no names or identities other than my identity in flesh.

I see no disservice in sharing an innocent photo of myself with two of our beautiful children  on such a day of mourning. Both these children know it’s Sorry Day as do I, we share truth with them, and culture and spirit.

There are many of us here at the Church and in this regard i may speak for them as i am appointed that right. We are all truly truly sorry for the suffering you all have endured and we share with you that these children are safe, they are with us, we are repaying the debt for our ancestors. We ask you pray for us all.

Thursday 25th May was Missing Children’s day and today is Sorry Day. We at The Church Of Ubuntu and all those whom are now here welcome you all into our hearts and being for we are all one.

Without you the people, we are nothing, we are helpless, this is Ubuntu, this is truth.

Much respect forever being in flesh Paul Robert Burton and all those whom mourn with us on this day of Sorry Business, this day of Grieving.

Much Respect being in flesh Paul Robert Burton and two beautiful children that have changed my life forever.


Sorry Day

We The People – The Aust Constitution & Right Of Citizens Arrest

Hello good people everywhere.

This video is dedicated to all of you, for without you we are nothing. “Ubuntu”. May this video serve as both a reminder and an inspiration to all good people everywhere fighting for what is our fundamental right…. to all Protectors.

Let us together create a world the way we would like it to be, without greed, without selfishness, without division. There is no black and white, or christian and muslim, the only division that exists is between good and evil, between Love and Greed and Hatred.

We The People have the power to change the world. The Revolution is upon us, listen, learn, educate and act. xxx PRB

We The People Act 1 copy