A Prayer For N and A

Updated: Sep 28

  1. ” Note this post was updated on the 28th of August because the mother contacted me via text message and was so frightened that I have now redacted the picture and removed their names at her request. She was contacted by an advocacy group (controlled opposition) and other fearful parents (who are frightened of never seeing their children again) and they have all been feared by the same alleged advocacy group into believing she may never see her daughter again and that she could go to gaol for having a picture of her daughter on facebook and people praying for them. Interestingly I heard her daughter is now in hospital, she has had no contact for many many months and neither the department or the courts will let her see her daughter anyway. Albeit I believe it is demonic to frighten people into not being able to pray for a mother and daughter, I have done what she has asked. She has claimed that she has been told that I am the reason she doesn’t have her ch