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Four Court Appearances in One Week

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Four Court appearances for me personally in the next week alone, over 4 1/2 years of court now and I believe I have appeared before more Magistrates and Judges than any other self represented individual in Australia, however Justice Rein did say there maybe someone else, but that was a very very long time ago.

Most probably Ned Kelly, Ha !!!

As many of you know, all of these matters are the result of the forced and violent warrantless removal of one indigenous child who has long since been fully restored to his kind loving family. I would guess when considering all the people who profit from this entire affair that this would now have cost the tax paying public somewhere between two to possibly three million dollars in total expenses for this one child who should never have been removed from his family. And lets not forget that they remove many children without warrant every week in Australia especially indigenous children and migrant children. Many people are not aware but Australia is the child removal capital of the world.

Rather than apologising to the public maybe those in power should think about stopping the intergenerational abuse and immense harm they do as they destroy countless families, the damage is actually irreversible. As I have told many learned Judges, child removal departments in Australia have all the attributes of an evil demonic cult, children and families would be far safer if these departments were completely dismantled, in my view they are the primary cause of risk of significant harm and they are clearly about profit not the best interests of children.

Once a child is removed, the family is immediately silenced and the closed children’s courts then appear to condone the activities of these departments and rather than operating as an independent overseeing body as the judiciary should, they merely rubber stamp everything the department does whilst families get decimated. This is clearly a children for profit program whereby the more children that are removed, and the sicker they become, the more the entire system profits at the expense of hapless defenceless families.

It well known and documented that the state and territory governments make terrible parents, we need a new system and we need it now. I wonder if they will ever listen to me or if instead they will just continue to fight with me because I am fearless and I tell them the Truth.

What’s even more concerning is I doubt I will be permitted to appear in person in any of my own cases and the public will not be allowed to see any of those cases. Have no delusions Australia hangs onto the title of being a Representative Democracy by a very very thin slither of implied freedoms that have now, largely because of the C word, been all but decimated.

So here we go again it’s 2022 and I start the new year with my malicious prosecution of two senior public officers, then continuing with yet another mention of the criminal charges against me that cannot proceed, and then a hearing in the Court of Appeal to get 4 1/2 year suppression laws lifted that in my view clearly serve no purpose other than to protect the department for it’s malfeasance and then I have a directions hearing for a constitutional challenge in the Court of Appeal of the law used in NSW to silence parents and the media from telling the public what their alleged government is doing to and with their children.

All You Need Is Love, and a completely new system !!!

xxx Pastor Paul

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