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The Parable Of The Sheep

Owing to draconian media restrictions, new moves by the alleged government to get police to charge people for 3 year indictable offences for slandering and joking about killing the government on social media posts, and the ridiculous facebook truth blockers, I am reduced like certain other way more famous past public speakers, some of whom got crucified by the government of their time, to writing in parables:

There once were thousands and thousands of sheep living all over the Australian countryside, baa baa, but many didnt sleep well at night because they watched way too much sheep TV and they were very very frightened well actually they were petrified of being eaten by dingoes, it didnt happen very often but non the less it could and the TV had heaps of shows with sheep getting eaten by dingoes, so anyway they used to all think about it so much and it was so in their minds, they just focused on it and thought about it all the time, and were filled with fear. Even though they were in big paddocks with heaps of other sheep everywhere and they could bonk and have little baby sheep and they could chew the grass together and eat and drink and stay up late if they wanted. The paddocks were however getting a little smaller, well actually quite a bit smaller, but it wasn’t too bad really.

Anyway to cut a long story short, unfortunately they ALL ended up getting slaughtered by their shepherds !!!

So ends the parable of the sheep.

xxx Pastor Paul

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